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The following can apply for a multiple-entry Japan visa: A person who has travelled to Japan as temporary visitor within the last three years AND has sufficient financial capability to support their trip.

Japan Tourist Visa Cover Letter Sample

Who knows. No, there is a separate set of requirements for those visiting a relative or friend.

Dates and duration of previous stays in Japan. Call them first if your trip is urgent. Ways to remember to do your homework polite and helpful.

Please see my bank certificate for reference. Share your experience in the comments below!

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I was able to try applying without a recent ITR during my last visa application. Explain what documents you are going to submit with your visa application. I also brought my most recent credit card bills, and statement of account for my investment and savings account.

Signature: Sign it by hand. Describe your source of income whatever it is.

Philippine passport Must have a signature. Were you a freelancer or ITR-less Japanese visa applicant? My first time, 5 working days.

They need a clear photocopy of it. A link back to this page or mention on social media as thanks will already go a long way and will be much appreciated.

Cover Letter Sample for a Tourist Visa Application

Your intentions to return to your home country, you should make the visa officer believe that you will be back to your home country within time. I also advice submitting copies of your payslips or income streams for the last 3 months. Other sizes will not be accepted. I work on an ad-hoc basis, obtaining clients via bidding websites for freelance work.