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Will go up as most of these industries depend on petrol in working factories. It is believed by some people that the traffic congestion and air pollution problem can be solved by increasing the price of fossil fuels for cars.

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Some thesis is a research think that the best way to solve these problems is raising gasoline prices, but because the overall rise in gasoline prices affects the rise in commodity prices, I think that it is not good for the national economy I think.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? However, in spite of increased petrol price people will continue to use it as there are no other viable options available to run vehicles. Therefore, I think growing the price of petrol is not an effective solution to the traffic jamming and pollution.

As a result, people in Singapore started using their cars at home and using public transportation.

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The key point to justify this attitude could be illustrated by a tangible example. However, the car owners are the middle and high income people therefore still the congestion and air pollution persists. Write at least words.

Reducing Traffic and Pollution

The discussion subjects creative writing on funeral be presented in the statistics dissertation help reasoning paragraphs. Besides that the government can build SPECIAL lanes for bike riders and also government can adhere obligatory pollution levy or congestion charges.

Don't just use words because "it sounds right" to use it. Therefore, raising gasoline prices is not an effective way to solve traffic congestion and pollution problems. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Solving Traffic and Pollution Problems: Essay Ideas So, I had to buy my own car also my husband did.

In fact, due to increase in petrol price cost of goods may increase because of increase in the transportation costs, creating detrimental effects in the economy. In Singapore, for example, since government policies include raising gasoline prices and taxation of high taxes on private cars, Singaporeans are more likely to use public transportation.

The question is "To what extent do you agree or disagree" but what you did is a direct response. Because of these reasons, I totally disagree with this measure. To sum up, Rising fuel prices is not the optimal approach to bring down the amount of traffic congestion and pollution issues.

However, I believe that other measures are more effective.

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In addition, using solar power to run public vehicles would result in cheap fare. To conclude, raising the price of petrol is not an effective way to solve the trouble. Additionally, the fume comes from private cars, which using fossil-fuel as power, is the major source of air pollution in modern cities.

Mass rapid train in China and Japan, for example, sophisticated transport and well-managed train schedule have successfully brought up these countries in lessening traffic problem. Need help with writing?

Solving Traffic and Pollution Problems: Essay Ideas

Make sure the word you are using has the meaning you wish to convey. While it is possible that higher petrol prices will solve the traffic and pollution problems to a great extent, raising the price of oil is not the best solution.

This will lead to inflation in the market which has a big domino impact on what people end up paying even for a slice of bread. All in all, a wide range of solutions is available to help cope with traffic and pollution problem.

The price-sensitive drivers tend to give up using cars as their choice of vehicle to commute or travel around. What other measures do you think might be effective? In this type of question, you have to show "how much" you agree or disagree. You mention "advocate" but then use plural references throughout the paragraph, which means you are referring to the plural form "advocates", not u of michigan creative writing singular reference.

This situation will rise as most of these industries depend on gasoline from the factory due to the prices of food, clothes, cars and so on. Traffic congestion and pollution are common problems in cities that are difficult to solve. Now, in this type of essay, you are not being asked a direct question, therefore a direct response is not required.

IELTS Essay Correction: Increasing Price of Petrol. – ELTEC English On the other hand, some think that raising gasoline prices reduces usage, thereby reducing traffic congestion and pollution increases. Although, there are those who believe that increasing oil prices might help solve this problem.

What other methods do you think would be effective? Based on the body paragraphs, I can see that you partly agree with the question. From another side, there are many efficient ways to solve the issues.

Traffic and Transport Essays

Here is a band 7. Occlusion means any one of the following: -the blockage or closing of a blood vessel or hollow organ. On the other hand, there are many effective ways to solve these problems.

First of all, it is a good solution to use environmentally friendly resources such as solar cars, gasoline cars, electric buses and so on. What other measures do you think might be effective? Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate. Alternatively,other rigorous methods can be adhered to tinker the current system.

I urge you to build up your English vocabulary and also, develop an understanding of the most common words college term paper writing service in essay writing to avoid a repeat of this mistaken word usage in the future. I do not agree with this opinion because there are several other effective ways we can take to deal with those problems. But I think there null hypothesis statement of equality many other more effective solutions.

More creative solutions In the long run, you need to face these problems. Without that reference your response is only partially correct as you would have converted this from a single point of view measured response essay to a creative writing minor jmu single point of view response essay.

Ielts Task 2:Increasing the price petrol is the best ways to solve growing traffic and

This idea can lead to a systematic approach to reducing traffic and air problem through declining possibilities of people to buy fuel needed to run their vehicle and this may result in reducing the number of transportation tool subsequently. The most important way of doing this is to promote the use of public transport in place of private and personal vehicles.

Write application letter to principal, I had to buy my own car also my husband did. Related posts:.

Raising Petrol Prices

By exploring alternative ways of combating this issue, we may attain greater success. This idea certainly can minimise the amount of traffic and pollution as well. Secondly, the innovation and invention on vehicles that powered by new energy, such as wind, sun and water energy should be promoted and encouraged.

Raising gas prices is the best way to solve the growing traffic and pollution problems. In my opinion, this is a wrong assumption and does not address the core issue of pollution and traffic control.

Pollution is particularly worse in the big cities. In addition, higher prices of petrol will indirectly influence the prices of the various goods in the market through increasing the cost of their transportation.

In my home country Chile all depend on transportation, so the price of gasoline will have a big impact on the cost of those who pay even a piece of bread. These problems all have a direct effect on your GRA score due to grammatical problems and sentence structure problems.

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  • The discussion subjects must be presented in the next reasoning paragraphs.

Today, interference with traffic and air pollution is of great concern to the world. Because the prices of everything such as food, clothes, cars ect.


You could have said that you "totally agree", "wholeheartedly dis agree". You meant to use the word "conclusion" which means: -the end or finish of an event or process. Also, the government must assume responsibility, stop passing the bulk and settle down the effective laws for control this issue.

In Amsterdam which is one of my favorite cities, this problem is solved by investing in excellent bicycle infrastructure, so cycling increases, cars are prohibited from entering the city center, people are I found another way of transportation.

Finally, society is equally responsible to launch campaigns to raise the awareness of people for protecting the environment. This may reduce the number of cars on the road, but it is generally a negative decision as it affects not only the use of cars but also the prices of food items and other goods.