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At a young age, I was identified as being Gifted or Talented in Literacy; I am now a passionate and enthusiastic English student, who actively seeks to discover new ideas through literature. These discussions will be supported and illustrated by writing exercises.

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  • Creative Writing modules include: Introduction to Creative Writing This module is designed to introduce you to good writing practices and to familiarise you with sharing your work in progress in a workshop environment — which will be a major part of your degree programme.
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At the core of the module will be a necessary focus on two versions of American modernity, broadly represented by New York and Los Angeles respectively. In so doing it will draw attention to non-national publishing strategies and audiences.

Personal statement extract- English Literature and Creative Writing | MyTutor The module will examine key canonical writers from the beginnings of the English lyric, including Thomas Wyatt and William Shakespeare, through complications in metaphysical poetry, the ballad and Romanticism, up to present day representations of homosexual love, popular song and avant-garde expression.

We will read texts from a variety of genres including medical literature, misogynist satire, sentimental novels, popular fiction, travel writing and pornography. But in telling your story, don't let your imagination run riot.

Advice to applicants

We may also require further information, in order to make an informed judgment on your application. Managing own development Written communication All these skills are central to an English degree.

Would you want to read several hundred versions of the following statement every year? Instead it will set contemporary writing against the background of identifiably international issues and concerns. My other A levels greatly compliment my work in English.

Re-applications If you applied in the previous year and your application was not successful you may apply again. Professor Martin Coyle, admissions tutor for English at Cardiff University, says students who strain too hard for effect often sound hollow.

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The elements that will be covered are: point-of-view; characterisation; dialogue; plot; structure and planning; voice and tone; description and imagery; location and place; editing and re-editing; theme.

The questions are intended to see how you think about texts and about the nature and role of creative writing.

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I have also experienced first hand the benefits the Poetry Society's work in education, and this has encouraged me to pursue a career in teaching; to inspire interest in Literature in other young people.

Personally for me, the literature art form offers a release of feeling and great writers are often the most fascinating people of mankind.

It should be between eight to ten pages long, entirely original and buy revenue law essays online include any schoolwork or assessments. Students will have the opportunity to read crime fiction alongside elements of Marxist, narrative and genre theory. A level English Language is acceptable in addition to English Literature, but is not normally acceptable as a substitute.

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For AS Level Literature I studied William Blake, and admire the dark intensity of his work, his ability to juxtapose the divine with the squalid in a subtly condemning tone. Studying a selection of his fiction, we will consider a wide variety of interpretations, in the light of the most current literary criticism of Dickens's works.

We will focus on how writers imagine distinct animal worlds as well as how they understand the role of animals in human cultures. They will also be selectively introduced to key ideas in contemporary theory and philosophy.

Eventually they will be able to consider how crime fiction has evolved in its engagement with questions of race, gender and sexuality in the United States, from the construction of white masculinity in the hardboiled genre to the policing of black communities in the neoliberal city.

Class size Targeted teaching with class sizes of 10 - 15 students on average. I am working on my Queen's Guide Award, a challenge requiring commitment, leadership, and research skills. Students will also engage with the current developments in early modern theatre history and the ways in which thinking about authorship, staging, printing and other key concepts from the period has altered over the last fifty years.

  • I admire poets able to write powerfully through sparse language, and Yehuda Amichai is a prime example.
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I want to gain the skills I need to become the best writer I can be. I cannot write without reading; one fuels the other.

The module encourages independent study and is consequently built around student interests as they develop their own research questions and essay topic. One focus in the module will be the notion of the artist as applied to the writer as an art-practitioner. Unfortunately, it is viewed by many as an antiquated art form; all 'thee' and 'thou'.

Drawing on material from the US, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe, we will spend time analysing the representation of the coming-of-age experience in terms of content and form and assess the ideological functions of the Bildungsroman cheap college essay writing a cross-cultural context.

Yankees or Mets? Getting a degree.

Novels or poems? But there's also making a show of yourself — not so fine," he says.

The UCAS form | English | University of Southampton

Some of these things are past and cannot be changed, and others are wholly or partly outside your control; but one area where you can have a considerable influence on the decision is your personal statement, and this is the section on which we are most often asked for advice. We may draw upon all information from your previous applications or any previous registrations at the University as a student when assessing your suitability for your chosen course.

English tutors at the University of Cambridge don't really expect work experience — unless its something that enhances how you think about literature, says Watts.