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People will eventually want to upgrade—so why not travel first class from the start? It shouldn't need a central government directive, a working party, and many meetings, which cost many thousands of pounds. And mental health professionals rarely communicate with others, so they can't be accountable.

I've heard lots of opinions on why we shouldn't copy letters to patients, let alone write to them, from professionals who have never written to patients or who have written two separate letters, one to the patient and a different one to the doctor. So what next? The letters need to be easily readable, which can be measured using measurement tools such as the Flesch Reading Ease score.

'Copying letters to patients is coming to a clinic near you'

Therefore it is not known if these patients were asked this question. My view that people are grateful recipients of my skills has been challenged and I discovered that often patients actively and continuously manage their own health. Some may argue that the style and content of correspondence would have to change; that legitimate but unproven concerns about malignancy or other serious conditions would have to be omitted, no mention could be made of self-inflicted injury, and comments on non-compliance, poor compliance, threatening or violent behaviour would have to be excluded.

Copying letters to patients.

Copying Letters to Patients Policy - Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Copying letters can help avoid communications nightmare Feb 22; : Administrative errors have also occurred—I am told, through the use of temporary secretarial staff. Anyway, everything the person needs was discussed in our consultation. Although such correspondence would include letters from health visitor to speech therapist, physiotherapist to occupational therapist, and so on, most arguments about the issue have centred on communication between doctors.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. There was onepatient who changed their mind about receiving copied letters.


Mental health professionals have been providing copies of the Care Programme Approach plans for many years but it has been suggested that the copying of all correspondence to patients may present a challenge to clinicians and that letter-writing practice would be altered in the knowledge that patients would receive copies of such letters Nandhra et al, But the letter can only be a reinforcement of letter of cover model has occurred in the consultation, not a substitute for discussion.

However, writing letters directly to patients does require some retraining and new learning. Administrators have lost sight of what our core business is—in my case, to deliver services to children and their families. Special requirements Some 53 patients stated that they did not have any special requirements, such as requiring a larger font or letter to be written in another language or via audio format.

In this case, the problem statement is usually a stand-alone document.

The aim is to incorporate training and assessment of the skills and attitudes required for writing appropriate letters to patients in all post-graduate curricula. It is a management style that is about years old. It went like this: when you send a letter to another professional, you should ask for the patient's consent to send a copy of the letter about the patient to the patient.

Email: informatics rcplondon. Individuals are unlikely to change unless they are aware of the impact of their behaviour on themselves and others.

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A person with an opinion and no data is just another person with an opinion. Both questionnaires aimed to look at the effect of receiving copied letters and to highlight any problems.

Such letters are highly valued by patients and usually preferred by GPs, who find them easier to understand.

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  • A person with an opinion and no data is just another person with an opinion.
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Writing the clinic letter to the GP is like talking about someone behind their back. In other words, if I go to my doctor, she has to ask for my consent to send me a copy of any letter she writes about me. Just as I asked patients for their thoughts about why we should initiate the change, the best way to know what they actually think about it, now that the change has been made, would be to ask them again.

Sending letters to parents has undoubtedly improved parents' satisfaction. At the start of the evaluation the data collection sheet was distributed to all clinicians so that they could keep a record throughout the best cover letter for upwork proposal.

This has resulted in follow up letters being sent to the wrong general practitioner at the wrong surgery and to an unnamed special educational needs coordinator at the wrong school, evidenced by the list of copied recipients at the foot of our copies of these letters.

The benefits One advantage is that the patient will have written confirmation as to what has taken place in the consultation with the GP or specialist. Professionals in health services for adults are, paradoxically, often more paternalistic than professionals providing services to children.

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Table 1 shows my family is an extended family thesis statement ratings given by patients to the items on the questionnaire.

Where withholding information can be justified, a telephone call can correct any deficiencies in the correspondence.

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If clinical correspondence is routinely copied to patients, particular care needs to be taken that it is sent to the right person, not someone with a similar name, particularly, for example, if two relatives living at the same address have the same name.

We asked some patients for their perspective.

Of the 39 who returned the questionnaires, 32 had received a copied letter and seven had not. The scheme builds on the copy letters to patients Data Protection Actthrough which patients have the right to access their records see DH, Data Protection Act On two occasions it was because the clinician felt it could be harmful for the patient to see a copied letter.

Copying letters to patients—or, better still, writing directly to patients—is coming to a clinic near you. But patients do not want any of the consultation withheld from letters. So what are the pros and cons of allowing patients access to clinical correspondence?

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Literature review A number of arguments, including ethical, legal, outcomes and financial, have been explored in relation to the practice of copying clinical letters to patients Vaidya, I did not understand the rationale of copying my letters to patients; a colleague working in south Gloucestershire was writing letters directly to patients and it astounded me.

Since then, I have moved — not just geographically, also culturally. Most of the objections to copying letters to patients have come from three groups: administrators, providers of health services to adults, and mental health professionals OK, so I generalise, but you get the picture.

METHOD: Patients and clinicians were sent a questionnaire to explore their experiences of receiving copied letters of their reports written by clinicians.

The data collection sheet was devised primarily to record all the patients who were offered the copying letters scheme.

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The other excuse, which mental health services will also undoubtedly use often, is that sending a copy of the letter to the patients might harm them. One meeting, lasting a day, that I attended cost the NHS the equivalent of an epilepsy nurse's annual salary.

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References Non-compliance and failure to attend outpatient appointments are important issues, so clinicians should not be afraid to inform patients that they are aware this is happening. First, patients were given an information sheet on copying letters and asked if they wanted to opt in or out of the copying letters scheme, giving consent if they did.

It provides an opportunity to reinforce key messages as well as promoting objectivity and openness. One clinician app to help with french homework not explain their reason for not sending the copied letter. To date it has been rare for the courts to find that a patient has contributed to the substandard care he or she has received.

At the end of the two-month period, patient satisfaction questionnaires and clinician feedback questionnaires were distributed. This was with the exception of psychiatrists in the team, who offered the scheme to every patient seen during the two-month period. The clinical correspondence offers an opportunity to record the history, examination findings and any proposed investigations and why they are considered appropriate, as well as advice on management, giving medication, legal resume writing services about important side-effects, follow-up arrangements and anything else the patient was informed about.

In the discussion about the risks and benefits of copying letters to online creative writing ma uk, it is proposed that patients and their carers should gain from this initiative Cowan, As a result, and from having this insight into the value of sharing this information with patients, I changed the way I wrote the letters, using simpler language, more closely reflecting conversations with the patients whilst in clinic.