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What should a dissertation title page look like the meantime, you can request a prospectus or book on to an Open Dayor close this window to continue looking at courses.

The research supervisor will take the lead in advising you and supporting creative writing research as you work on your project. At present, thousands of creative writers worldwide are writing not only with the aim of perhaps publishing their work, or seeing it performed or produced, but also with the aim of exploring some particular topic or idea, through creative and critical research in Creative Writing.

At the moment our researchers are working on novels and life writing but we would welcome proposals creative writing research other genres.

Watch her film to hear her talk about the research she's doing into the interwar novels of Charlotte Haldane, why she chose to study at Huddersfield, and how her supervisors have helped instil confidence in her as an academic. The Research School provides a programme of training sessions in aspects of doctorate research and the English discipline runs occasional postgraduate research days that provide opportunities for networking and gaining practice in public speaking.

Research Master's students choose a specific project to essays online on and have a great degree of independence in their work. These writing custom admx analysis skills are traducir you do your homework used in other literary study outside the creative writing sphere.

These are taught on a rotational basis by all members of the creative writing staff, so that students get the benefit of hearing a range of voices and opinions on their work throughout the course.

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Find out more Mail We will use your phone number to let you know about events that will support your journey to university eg. Postgraduate training There is a range of induction events and training provided for students by the Centre for Doctoral Studies, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the English Department.

What discoveries do they make in the process of interrogating their work from an academic perspective? Why Choose Huddersfield?

The Writing Life A suite of exclusive guest talks and masterclasses from leading authors, publishers, literary agents, and editors, in which students receive guidance from people working at the top level of the writing industry and learn about the various demands of maintaining a career as a writer.

Course study environment We place great emphasis on pastoral care and are a friendly and welcoming department. The English discipline is traditionally seen as the critical study of literary forms, not the creation of literary forms.

Writers at all levels of their career. Submit form Thanks for your enquiry.

Your main supervisor will normally head a supervisory team which will comprise up to three members. If you have any queries about the use of your information, the University Data Protection Officer can be contacted at data.

Course Overview

It is suitable for writers who are prepared to have their ideas and pre-conceptions challenged and to move beyond their comfort zones. The aim of this course is to provide students with the tools on how to write, why to write, what to write about and how to get it published.

Editing a Literary Journal Our students have the opportunity to learn about the processes required to compile, edit and publish a literary journal by shadowing editors at a leading London-based publication. No experience is required as the course will begin with the basics of writing and gradually move through the different stages towards publishing success.