It thesis defense questions. Top 10 Most Popular Master’s Thesis Defense Questions

Question What is the scope of the study? Here you state if questionnaires were distributed it thesis defense questions data was gotten from secondary sources.

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Question 7: What are your findings? Never mention any financial reasons or your desire to receive a diploma as a motivation. The next question to follow by default is why you chose this particular topic or what your inspiration behind this study was.

If you wrote a good abstract, this question will be a cross over for you. Be careful! Question Based on homework help club findings what are your recommendations?


So many success stories and commendations from over 50, readers were just enough to make my year and give me more grace to write more. Your ability to convey technical information from the study will score you good points here. However, you should try your best to be realistic here. Use of relevant examples and illustrations will score where to buy a college paper good point here.

What is the future scope of this study?

You may be asked to summarize your key findings of the research. You do not want the audience to doubt the validity of your conclusions or to believe that your data is any way flawed. You must be able to convince the committee members that your approach is unique and it has covered areas where much have not been done by other researchers. Do not discourse limitations in your methods or data analysis techniques as this may imply that your study may be biased or not well researched.

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The committee needs to see how well you understand the subject, how deeply you have explored it, and even whether you are the author of your work. Questions like, what should we expect on the D-Day? Questions like this are just there to test your reasoning and authority in your research area.

If so, where? Can you suggest possible questions and answers that will be asked when defending a dissertation or thesis paper? Questions like this are just there to test your reasoning and authority in your research area.

Recommendations are very vital in every research study and should not be joked with. Feel free to add yours in the comment box below.


The question is simple right? Thanks usc phd program creative writing God bless you.

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  • At this point you have to state the source s you got data from.
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What are the recommendations of your study? Looking back, what might you have done differently?