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Policy for Deposit and Dissemination of Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations

Have page numbers for landscape-oriented pages been adjusted? Your thesis or dissertation will be indexed and discoverable via major search engines. How do you pick the right options for submitting your ETD? Other users have access to only an extract consisting of the title page and the first few content pages.

If yes, the technology transfer and patenting process necessitates further conversation before you can continue with the ETD submission process, in order to determine the appropriate embargo on access to your dissertation to protect patent eligibility.

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Have any blank pages been included in the final document? You also can practice ETD submission and make the final submission. Welcome to the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Website! All instructions and guidance are at their fingertips.

See the PQ site for details. When you start the thesis or dissertation process, right after your proposal is accepted, read the material on the "Prepare" page to get you started on the right path and to save you time and frustration later.

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  • The full-text of your thesis or dissertation and any supplemental files will be accessible on the internet for unlimited viewing.

Click it. Provides the management tools you need Easier administration: Administrators log on to review and manage submissions, communicate with students about their submissions, and send them off to ProQuest. You can see a copy job application writing in bangla the agreement by clicking here.

A faster, simpler submission process Faster publication: Online submissions typically are processed twice as quickly as paper submissions. Advisors- The First Advisor is the Chair of your committee. You may be able to reduce or eliminate the costs of printing and binding.

What content is remembered?

The ProQuest PQ site is where you go next. Try write me a 500 word essay demo site: We've created a special persuasive research paper introduction sample version of ETD Administrator to help you test the student submission process and test the administrator features.

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If yes, have you obtained permission to include that copyrighted material in your thesis or dissertation? Make sure you have all of the information you will need before you begin submission. The administrator can also have the prepublication version of the help thesis statement submission posted to a university FTP site.

This option will provide the broadest possible access to your work.

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No embargo required By choosing no embargo you are agreeing to publish your thesis or dissertation in ScholarWorks GSU immediately after graduation. This is the equivalent of the access that was available when theses and dissertations were only on a library shelf.

Once your ETD Administrator site has been set up, we will notify you and provide administrator-level access.

Be sure to read it all. ETD Submission. Log in, re-upload the revised version of your thesis or dissertation and it will replace the previous version.

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Embargo By choosing an embargo, you are requesting that there be no access to the full-text of your Dissertation for a specified period of time. You will find important information on copyright there as well. Navigate to your conclusion of paper industry and click "Open" The system attaches your file.

If you have patent concerns or concerns that the electronic posting of your ETD might prevent later acceptance of your research by professional journals or book publishers, it is your responsibility to consult with your committee and with possible future publishers to make an informed decision.

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And when you are nearing the end, make sure to read the "Submit" pages so that you know what you need to do and write me a 500 word essay. No more boxes to ship, and no more shipments to track. Careful attention must be paid to any previous agreements signed regarding ownership of research findings.

For example, John Q. However, other publishers e. Publishers of some professional journals e.