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Good news for you! Many PR professionals come from various backgrounds. Positions vary by the size of the organization. For example, when the new hot startup has an IPO it will generate a lot of interest and people run to buy the stock. However, here are some common careers for English majors to consider as you ponder your future.

Literary Arts - Linfield students are invited to apply by the director of Literary Arts in Portland, which offers internships in all its departments and may match some financial aid. Governments also hire PR writers to work in-house. Event Planner Not planning birthday parties for the drunken wives of the Beverly Hills, but working on high-profile events such as product launches or political campaigns.

This career is certainly tough, requiring you to develop every aspect of advertising, from budgets to conceptions to execution.

14 Highest-Paying Jobs for English Majors This is a fun, creative role and involves strategic thinking and marketing talent. These can be learned quite quickly.

You can also find these people really easy as investor relations departments list their emails on company websites. With such a degree and proper certification, applicants can teach at ESL students at universities, primary and secondary schools, and international schools.

Direct Response Copywriting Lots of English majors have become direct response copywriters.

English majors learn how to tap resources as they compile information for papers and librarians spend considerable time guiding patrons regarding the best sources for their research projects. Reading skills help them to quickly read book reviews as they decide upon selections.

Some programs without certification are teaching assistant positions. They learn to give and take constructive criticism since papers are often reviewed by peers in the classroom setting. In fact, creativity, and attention to detail are highly desired skills in publishing and English majors find work in this industry every year. You also need to be able to spot grammar slips and be able to write concisely.

Want to break into freelance editing? The detail orientation and organizational skills of the English major help jobs for english and creative writing majors to set up efficient systems for cataloging and shelving books. Working for a congressional or a senatorial official will also be an advantage as well as working for nonprofit organizations such as charitable institutions and other philanthropic organizations where company policies are very essential.

Governments, sports teams, brands, and companies need people to run their social media programs, develop strategies, and come up with ways of engaging customers, citizens, and fans. This is the language that employers speak. While that certainly applies, public relations specialists also need to communicate effectively, which often meant creating written content.

So what do market researchers actually do? Many employers love how English majors can deal with obscure, indirect concepts and create comprehensible solutions. For many people majoring in English, the common choice is to attend graduate school.

Buy a business plan for a boutique hotels literature review dissertation examples oxford past dissertations homework help you ma creative writing leeds university masters thesis in computer science advantages of stating research questions as hypotheses include.

Social media is new. And yes, you will be paid. Often psychology or social science PhDs can get jobs outside of academia as market researchers as they have been trained in statistics and research methodologies. Teaching English as a Second Language English majors develop a solid command for the English language including grammar as well as vocabulary.

Add in hiring talent and negotiating prices, and you have a full career that will keep you plenty busy. Learning a little about Search Engine Optimization can go a long way in terms of getting a job writing for the internet.

They learn that there are typically many different ways to approach a problem. Public Relations Many English majors end up in public relations. SEO is also fast-changing and so there are no colleges that really offer a degree in it.

You will also need to understand the principles of online conversion which can be learned by reading the millions of blogs dedicated to the topic. This job requires intimate knowledge analytic and tracking software. Wonka and drive up new interest in the company stock! Even smaller corporations for example, Mint.

You will probably need to do a postgraduate course, too. Preparing for an internship Once you've found the internship to which you want to apply, make sure to have all of your materials ready. My practical week roadmap to finding a career with your humanities degree.

What will you do in a PR firm? And be ready to show an agency some cool ideas. Actually, I have no idea. There are also certificate programs available for writers of all types, from novelists to technical writers. All of these skills are valuable job skills in any industry.

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They must learn to manage their schedule well in order to complete the time-consuming reading and writing tasks assigned to them on time. History majors do well in marketing research as they are able to analyze data.

If helping to create a best-selling book appeals to you then writing agencies toronto might be a good choice. You would also create presentations, write earnings releases and annual reports. It really is a cool industry filled with bright, talented, interesting people. Read some books.

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However, many English Majors have found jobs working for big brands. In addition, English majors are recruited as English teachers directly out of college by international language organizations including the Peace Corps as well as language schools abroad. Editorial work can include managing writers, suggesting stories, working with writers on shaping a piece for publication and more.

Top Ten Jobs for English Majors 1. There is a myriad of possibilities, just ask your college career or alumni office for a list of alumni who were English majors, and you will be pain creative writing by the diversity of options pursued by graduates with an English degree. Fiction or nonfiction are just two of the different categories of work you can create as an author. An excellent way to break into the industry would be to email a fairly well-known blog and to volunteer your services as an editor or proofreader.

This industry is relatively hard to break into as most jobs advertised ask for a few years of experience I guess nobody wants a rocket-ship manual written by an amateur. Some showed up dressed as business executives, others as lab scientists. Writing may be even more essential to the success of law students as they continually draft arguments about legal cases and precedents.

English majors are taught to proofreadedit, and refine written pieces until they are well polished.

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Many English classes are discussion based, which teaches English majors valuable oral communication skills. So how is this done? What do search engine marketers do?

The popular lore is that most English majors end up as teachers, or vying for the dwindling number of jobs in publishing and journalism. Human resource managers need the critical reading skills of the English major when reviewing resumes, employee evaluations, language for contracts, and proposals for expanding staffing.

Direct response is a great path if you want to sell out like I did. Better yet, many companies still hire interns and entry-level hires to manage their social media programs.

14 Highest-Paying Jobs for English Majors

You, sir, are in luck. Hand-in-hand with the high standard of writing in the English department is the skill of editing. These can be branding agencies, graphic design agencies, viral marketing agencies, or PR firms. While the MFA is still considered the terminal degree in Creative Writing, there are PhD programs that allow students to pursue scholarly research while writing a creative dissertation.

Thunderdog, for example, is a L.